Sunday, March 4, 2012

Limequat ( Citrus × floridana )

Fruit Warehouse | Limequat ( Citrus × floridana ) | Walter Swingle in 1909. It is a small tree That Grows into a contained Bushy form. The leaves are characteristically citrus-like. The limequat Produces an Abundance of fruit even at a young age. The fruit is small, oval, greenish yellow and contains seeds or pips.

It has a sweet tasting skin and a bitter sweet pulp tastes similar to limes That. This plant is now grown in Japan, Israel, Spain, Malaysia, South Africa, Armenia, the United Kingdom and the United States in California, Florida, and Texas. The fruit can be found, in small quantities, during the fall and winter months in the United States.

Plant in a well limequats drained fertile soil. Sand, Despite popular opinion, is poor for aiding drainage. Plant anytime of the year, watering it well. Plants grow fairly SLOWLY and flower and fruit Between 5-7 months and rest for 7-5 months. Limequats are more cold-hardy than limes but less cold-hardy than kumquats.

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