Friday, March 2, 2012

Bacuri ( Platonia insignis )

Fruit Warehouse | Bacuri  ( Platonia insignis ) | There was a degree of nomenclatural confusion, Caused by Moronobea esculenta. If That were validly published and were to apply to this species would be the correct name Platonia esculenta. The name Remains Platonia insignis. Platonia insignis, the sole species of the genus Platonia, is a tree of the family Clusiaceae native to South America in the humid forests of Brazil, Paraguay, Colombia and parts of the Northeast to Guyana; specially in the Amazon Rainforest. Common names include Bacuri (and variant spellings Numerous thereof; Bacurí, Bacury, Bakuri, Pacuri, Pakuri, Pakouri, Packoeri, Pakoeri), Maniballi, Naranjillo and Bacurizeiro.

Platonia insignis is a dry-season deciduous tree, reaching 25-40 m high. The leaves are opposite, oblong to elliptic simple, 8-15 cm long, glossy dark green, with wavy margins and a leathery texture. The Platonia insignis flowers are 5-7 cm long, pink, with five petals and stamens Numerous. This Rind exudes a yellow latex when pressed.

Bacuri seeds, the which are brown and fairly oily, are commonly used as a home remedy to treat skin conditions. Yellowish Its wood is frequently used as timber.

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