Monday, February 20, 2012


Fruit Warehouse | Tangelo | The early maturing Orlando tangelo is noted for its juiciness, mild and sweet flavor, large size, and flat-round shape with a characteristic knob. Orlando tangelos are available from mid-November to the beginning of February. It originated as a cross Between a Duncan grapefruit and a Dancy tangerine. When the Orlando tangelo was first cultivated, it was known by the name Lake tangelo. Orlando tangelos are Recognized as one of the more cold-tolerant varieties.


The tangelo, Citrus × tangelo, a citrus fruit is a hybrid of tangerine and pomelo or grapefruit. Widely known as honeybells, tangelos are the size of an adult fist, have a tangerine taste, and are at the expense of juicy flesh.

The Minneola tangelo (Sometimes misspelled "Mineola") is a cross Between a Duncan grapefruit and a Dancy tangerine, and was released in 1931 by the USDA Horticultural Research Station in Orlando. IMost Minneola tangelos are characterized by a stem-end neck, the which tends to make-the bell-shaped fruit Appear. The fruit is usually fairly large, Typically 9-9 ½ inches in circumference. The peel color, when mature, is a bright, reddish-orange color. The Rind is Relatively thin, so the fruit peels easily.

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