Thursday, February 16, 2012

Syzygium jambos

Fruit Warehouse | Syzygium jambos | For another very popular fruit, smaller than the rose apple , and dark purple in color like the fruit of the eggplant. In Karnataka the English common name is "rose apple", and the vernacular name is Pannerale, while the name for the other one is Nerale. Syzygium jambos is a large shrub or small-to-medium-sized tree, typivally three to 15 meters high, with a Tendency to low branching.

There have been a few species ascribed to it, but currently Several varieties with fruit Various colors are all as Syzygium jambos recognised. Syzygium jambos has Several common names, reflecting the large number of regions in the which it Occurs as a garden or fruit tree or as as an Invader. The names include Malabar Plum, champakka, Chom Chom-Phu or pu. Terms like "plum rose", "water apple", "Malay apple", "jambrosade", and "pomarrosa", or the English equivalent, "rose apple". Several of these names are also applied to other species of Syzygium, while "rose" can also mean a Guava

The small flowers are in terminal clusters, white or greenish white, the long, giving them Numerous stamens a diameter of 5-8 cm. In temperate regions the tree is Summer-Flowering. The edible fruit of Syzygium jambos is shaped like some Kinds of Guava, to the which the plant is fairly closely related. Shaking a fruit to feel whether the seeds rattle, Gives some indication whether it is RIPE. The skin is thin and waxy.

The RIPE fruit however, has a strong, pleasant floral bouquet, Hence Such common names as "Rose apple" and "pomarrosa". There are many varieties of Syzygium jambos world wide, Including nondescript feral trees. In Thailand the commonest cultivated variety bears a pale green fruit. Generally Malaysian varieties have red skins.

In many regions the fruit is a shade of pale yellow, with a slight blush Often. The skin is thin and waxy, and the hollow core contains a small amount of insignificant fluff. In South-East Asian countries, rose apple fruit is frequently served with spiced sugar. Some parts of the tree are popular in traditional regional and fringe medicine.

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