Friday, February 17, 2012

Star fruit vegetables ( Averrhoa bilimbi )

Fruit Warehouse | Star fruit vegetables ( Belimbing wuluh ) | Short main trunk and lower branches. Oval-shaped leaflets. The flowers are small, emerging directly from the stem with flower stalks hairy. Petals five, white, yellow or lilac. If the ripe fruit is yellow or pale yellow. Fruit skin shiny and thin.

Carambola vegetables, starfruit, starfruit reed, or sour star fruit is a kind of small trees that are thought to originate from the Maluku Islands, and is cultivated and grows freely in Indonesia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Malaysia. This plant is commonly planted in the garden to take the fruit. The fruit has a sour taste is often used as a cooking spice and mixed herbs.

Seeds are small (6mm), flat shaped, and brown, and covered with mucus. The leaves are thin. In the area of South Sulawesi, especially Soppeng District, this leaves believed to be the cure for itchy skin and eliminate acne scars or chicken pox.

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