Saturday, February 18, 2012

Rumbia fruit ( Metroxylon sagu )

Fruit Warehouse | Rumbia fruit  ( Metroxylon sagu ) | Leaves large, pinnate compound, up to 7 m long, with long leaves children lk. 1.5 m; long-stemmed and midrib air. As gebang, sago palm flower and fruit once (monocarpic) and it was dead. Cob wreath shape, length up to 5 m. Monoecious (monoesis), less good-smelling flowers thatch.

Thatch or also called (tree) is the name of a kind of sago palm sago starch producer. Also ripia, LIPIA, lepia, lapia, lapaia, hula or huda (in various languages in the Moluccas); ambulung, bulung, fur, tembulu (Jw.), bhulung (Md.), kiray (Sd.), etc. In various foreign languages are known as sago (Vietnam), sakhu (Thailand), sa: khu'u (Laos), and the Sago Palm (Ingg.). While the scientific name is Metroxylon sago.

Various form the staple food and cakes done one of these sago flour. Old leaves of young trees is a good roofing material; in the past even cultivated sago palm (the garden-gardener kiray) in Bogor and Jakarta to produce this thatched roof. The leaves are still buds (leaf) of some kind was used as well as leaf tobacco, as palm tops.

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