Saturday, February 18, 2012

Red fruit ( Pandanus conoideus )

Fruit Warehouse | Red fruit ( Pandanus conoideus ) | Oval-shaped fruit cultivars with leaves covered with fruit buds.  For people in Wamena, red fruit for the food served on the party burns custom stone. Traditionally, Red Fruit of the ancient hereditary been consumed as efficacious in curing many diseases such as preventing various eye diseases, intestinal worms, skin, and improve stamina.

Red fruit is a kind of traditional fruit from Papua. By the Wamena, Papua, the fruit is called kuansu. Scientific name for Lam conoideus Pandanus Red Fruit plants including plant families with tree Pandanan pandan-like pandanus, but plant height can reach 16 meters high with its own branch-free trunk as high as 5-8 m of reinforced tunjang roots on the stem side down.

This increases the number of natural killer cells and increased T cell activity and lymphocyte Helpers. Increase in natural cells that suppress the presence of cancer cells as a potent compound that neutralizes the free radical cancer causing carcinogens. In some limited research conducted by I Made Budi direct treatment methods with Red Fruit, researchers revealed a very high success in treatment efforts carried out against several diseases.

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