Friday, February 17, 2012

Palm fruit

Fruit Warehouse | Palm fruit ( Flacourtia inermis ) | Bouquet of flowers from the (mainly female flowers cob) tapped the palm sap. Soft seeds that are often traded on the roadside as the "fruit of palm" (nungu, Tamil language). There is also a palm seed is cut in small squares for a mixture of iced drinks are commonly found dawet sale palm coast area of East Java, Paciran, Lamongan. Dawet flavor iced drinks are delicious as palm sugar sap extracts derived from the original. Old fruit flesh, a yellowish and fibrous, can be eaten fresh or cooked first.

Large leaves, collected at the end of the rod to form a rounded canopy. Wreath in the cob, stalk 20-30 cm with about 50 cm. Fruits clustered in bunches, up to about 20 grains, 7-20 cm diameter spherical shells, brownish black skin and yellow flesh when old. Three seed grain with a thick and hard shell. Craft items made farom palm leaves, among others, fans, mats, hats, various baskets, fabrics for clothing and sasando, traditional musical instruments in the East.

Palm (also known as palm trees or tal) is a type of palm that grows in South Asia and Southeast Asia. In many areas, the tree is also known by names like lonta (Min.), ental (Sd., Jw., Bal.), Taal (Md.), dun tal (Sas.), jun tal (Sumbawa ), tala (Sulawesi), lontara (Toraja), lontoir (Ambon). Also manggita, manggitu (Sumba) and old (East). flabellifer a floral identity of South Sulawesi province.

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