Thursday, February 16, 2012

Orange ( Citrus × sinensis )

Fruit Warehouse  |  Orange ( Citrus × sinensis ) In some South East Indo-European languages the orange was named after Portugal, the which was formerly the main source of imports of sweet In Italian the word portogallo to refer to the orange fruit is dialectal. It was from New Orleans Tha Oranges. Seeds were obtained and distributed in Florida about 1872 and many orange groves were established by grafting the sweet orange onto sour orange Rootstocks. Arizona received the orange tree with the founding of missions Between 1707 and 1710.  Orange juice is one of the commodities traded on the New York Board of Trade. Brazil is the largest producer of orange juice in the world, Followed by the USA. Frozen orange juice concentrate is made from freshly squeezed and filtered orange juice.

Oranges probably originated in Southeast Asia and were cultivated in China by 2500 BC. The fruit of Citrus sinensis is called sweet orange to distinguish it from Citrus aurantium, the bitter orange. The sweet orange does not occur in the wild.  The Persian orange, grown in southern Europe Widely after its introduction to Italy in the 11th century, was bitter. Portuguese navigators have also been credited with Bringing orange trees to the Mediterranean region around 1500. After introduction of the sweet orange, it was adopted as an edible Quickly fruit; it was so highly regarded grew Oranges That Wealthy persons in private conservatories, orangeries called.

An orange-specifically, the sweet orange is the citrus Citrus × sinensis (Citrus Sinensis (L.) Osbeck) and its fruit. The orange is a hybrid of ancient cultivated origin, possibly Between pomelo (Citrus maxima) and mandarin (Citrus reticulata).  The orange fruit is a hesperidium, a type of berry. Orange trees are Widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical climates for the sweet fruit, the which is peeled or cut (to avoid the bitter Rind) and eaten whole, or processed to extract orange juice, and also for the fragrant peel. In 2008, 68.5 million tons of Oranges were grown worldwide, primarily in Brazil and the U.S. states Californiaand Florida.

Sweet orange oil is a by-product of the juice industry produced by pressing the peel. Orange blossom essence is an Important component in the making of perfume.The petals of orange blossom can also be made into a delicately citrus-scented version of rosewater; orange blossom water (aka orange flower water) is a common part of both French and Middle Eastern cuisines, most Often as an ingredient in desserts and baked goods .

In the United States, orange flower water is used to the make-orange blossom scones and marshmallows.The orange blossom Gives its touristic nickname to the Costa del Azahar ("Orange-blossom coast"), the Castellon seaboard. Orange blossom honey, or actually citrus honey, is produced by putting beehives in the citrus groves during bloom, the the which also pollinates seeded citrus varieties. Orange blossom honey is highly prized, and tastes much like orange. Marmalade, a conserve usually made with Seville Oranges. Orange peel is used by gardeners as a slug repellent.Orange leaves can be boiled to the make-tea.

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