Thursday, February 16, 2012


Fruit Warehouse | Melons | Most melons have similar structure to winter squash with thick flesh and inner seed-filled midsection. So what's the difference Between melons and squashes? Considered squashes are vegetables, while melons are known as fruits with sweet and juicy flavor. Melons are a good source of vitamin C and potassium. 

Many melons originated in the Middle East and gradually spread its popularity across Europe. Ancient Egyptians and Romans enjoyed cantaloupes or muskmelons. Melon seeds were Transported to the United States by Columbus and eventually cultivated by Spanish explorers in California.

This list of melons includes members of the Cucurbitaceae family plant with edible, fleshy fruit eg gourds or cucurbits. Although the melon is a botanical fruit, some varieties may be Considered culinary vegetables rather than fruits. The word derives from Latin melopepo melon, the which is the latinization of the Greek μηλοπέπων (mēlopepon), meaning "melon", a compound of μῆλον Itself (melon), "apple" + πέπων (pepōn), amongst others "a kind of GOURD or melon ".

The bitter melon (M. charantia) That is the only melon is a member of the genus Momordica. The flesh of the bitter melon has a characteristic bitter flavor. Bitter melon has an unusually large number of common names in Various regions. Egusi (C. lanatus) is a wild melon, identical in appearance to the watermelon.

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