Sunday, February 19, 2012

Limeberry ( Limonia trifolia )

Fruit Warehouse | limeberry ( Limonia trifolia ) | Triphasias are very close relatives of citrus. Triphasia trifolia (syn. Limonia trifolia Burm. F., Triphasia aurantiola Lour.; Also called limeberry, lime berry, or limoncitong kastila) is a species of Triphasia in the family Rutaceae, native to tropical Southeastern Asia in Malaysia, the Philippines and possibly elsewhere.

It is a spiny evergreen shrub (rarely a small tree) growing to 3 m tall. The flowers are white, with three petals 10-13 mm long and 4 mm broad. The fruit is a red, edible hesperidium 10-15 mm diameter, similar to a small Citrus fruit. The fruit flesh is pulpy, with a flavor Reminiscent of a slightly sweet lime. In true tropical locations, limeberry may have some promise as a potential commercial fruit crop.

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