Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lilly Pilly ( Acmena smithii, Eugenia smithii )

Fruit Warehouse | Lilly Pilly ( Acmena smithii, Eugenia smithii ) | trees are buttressed at the base. The bark is red brown, light gray or pinkish gray with soft papery scales. The small, glossy, lance-shaped leaves are a shiny green when mature, but pink / red when young. The leaf stalks are 2 to 3 mm long.

Syzygium is a medium sized luehmannii coastal rainforest tree native to Australia. Common names include Riberry, Small Leaved Lilli Pilli, Satinash Cherry, Cherry Alder, or Clove Lilli Pilli. The habitat is Australian riverine, littoral, subtropical or tropical rainforest.

 The white or cream petals form in fours or Fives, 1.5 mm long. The stamina are 2 to 5 mm long. The tree commonly only Reaches 8-10 meters in cultivation. The plant is also riberry very popular as a garden ornamental and street tree. It is easily maintained as a smaller tree by light pruning.

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