Saturday, February 18, 2012

Kepel fruit ( Stelechocarpus burahol )

Fruit Warehouse | Kepel fruit | In medicine, the fruit serves as a laxative urine, preventing inflammation of the kidneys and cause infertility (temporary) in women. Kepel is a beautiful ornamental tree, the leaves are emerging simultaneously changed from pale pink to red to purple before it turns again into a brilliant green.

Kepel plants or burahol (Stelechocarpus burahol) is a dish of fruit-producing trees are a floral identity table of Yogyakarta. Kepel Fruit-loved princess royal palace in Java because it is believed to cause the sweat-scented fragrance, and make no strong-smelling urine. Ripe fruit is eaten fresh.

Kepel is generally propagated from seeds taken from ripe fruit and planted as soon as possible. Seeds were cleaned by washing and drying in the shade. Gradually its germination high percentage as well. its germination hipogeal, his riding swollen roots and unbranched for some time. At the time of seedling leaves 3-5 strands, plant was transferred into the pot. Yuwananya phase (vegetative phase, juvenile phase) lasts for 6-9 years.

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