Friday, February 17, 2012


Fruit Warehouse | Kelengkeng | Petiole 1-20 cm long, 0.5 to 3.5 cm leaf stalk children. Extends round the child leaves, the length lk. Petals five strands, up to 6 mm long. Of a round, yellowish brown, almost bare; smooth, grainy, rough or beronak berbintil, depending on its type. Pulp (arilus) thin white and somewhat translucent.


Litchi (also called longan, cat's eye, or longan, longan Dimocarpus, interest-lerakan lerak or Sapindaceae) is a crop of fruit originating from mainland Southeast Asia. Longan tree can reach a height of 40 m and trunk diameter of up to about 1 m. Leafy compound, with 2-4 (-6) pairs of leaflets, mostly hairless meeting in axial section.

The fruits are mainly eaten fresh. Litchi fruit, especially the thick fleshy and large, canned in fruit juice in Thailand, Taiwan and China, both added sugar or not.
 As with lerak, longan seeds which contain saponins are sometimes used for washing hair. 


Seeds, fruit, litchi leaves and flowers are also used as traditional medicine, especially in Chinese herbs. The leaves contain quercetin and quercitrin. Longan wood and wood bedaro (Dimocarpus malayensis) is a pretty good wood for light construction materials and furnishings in the house.

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