Friday, February 17, 2012

Kecapi fruit

Fruit Warehouse | Kecapi fruit | Flowers in axillary panicles in the leaf, hairy, hung, up to 25 cm. Androgynous flowers, short-stemmed; bertaju 5 petals; crown 5 pieces, yellow green, breech lanceolate, 6-8 mm; faintly aromatic. Buni slightly flattened round fruit, 5-6 cm, yellow or reddish when ripe, fluffy like velvet. Grain seeds 2-5, large, slightly flattened oval, shiny reddish brown; pieces of red beans.

Lute, Sentul or wart is the name of a fruit and tree its producer. Koetjape Sandoricum scientific name (Burm.f.) Merr. Lute tree and a large green tree, can reach a height of 30 m, although generally in the yard only reach about 20-meters. Alternately compound leaves, stemmed s / d 18 cm, pinnate leaves bear three, oblong to round egg shape, 6-26 × 3-16 cm; rounded or slightly pointed at the base, tapering at the tip; shiny green on top, dull green beneath. Child leaves the end of a long-stemmed, much longer than the leaf stalk children beside her.

This tree is planted mainly because of expected fruit, which taste sweet or slightly sour. Of fine quality wooden harp as house construction materials, tools or craft material, easily worked and easily polished. Leaf decoction is used as a fever-reducing.

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