Friday, February 17, 2012

Jamblang ( Syzygium cumini )

Fruit Warehouse | Jamblang  ( Syzygium cumini ) | Low branching and called round or irregular. Located opposite leaves, stemmed 1 to 3.5 cm. Round leaf blade oblong to somewhat reverse egg oval oblong, 5-25 x 2-10 cm, base wedge-shaped or rounded, blunt tip or a bit melancip, flat-brimmed, menjangat thick with a thin edge and slightly translucent. Shiny dark green on top, leaves jamblang turpentine smell when crushed somewhat. Young leaves are pink.

Jamblang, rivets or Duwet guava fruit tree is a kind of tribal-jambuan guava (Myrtaceae). Sepat sour fruit plant is also known by various names such as jambee Kleng (Aceh), cashew Kling (Gayo), cashew prop (Min.), jambulang, jambulan, jombulan, cesspool (various local names in North (Sulawesi), jambulan (Flores), jambula (Ternate), jamblang (Btw., Sd.). Also rose juwat, jiwat, jiwat rice (Ind., juwet or Duwet (Jw.), juwet, jujutan (Bl.), dhuwak, dhalas (Md.), duwe (Bima) and others.

Leaf sheath widening bell or funnel shape, height 4-6 mm, yellow to purple. Stamens many, 4-7 mm; pistil 6-7 mm. Buni fruit is elliptical to oval, often slightly curved, 1-5 cm, crowned with calyx lobes, with smooth thin skin shiny, dark red to purple-black, sometimes white. Flesh white, yellow, purple-gray to slightly red, nearly odorless, with lots of juice, Sepat to sour sweet sour. Seeds oblong, to 3.5 cm. Jamblang fruit commonly eaten fresh. In the Philippines, wine jamblang commercially cultivated.

The bark produces tanning substances (tannin) and used for coloring (ubar) nets. Bark, leaves, fruits and seeds are often used as a diabetes drug, diarrhea (diarrhea), and several other diseases. Trees are often planted as jamblang shade tree in the yard and plantation (for example, to shade the coffee plants), or as windbreaks (wind break).

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