Thursday, February 16, 2012

Isabella (grape)

Fruit Warehouse | Isabella (grape)The deciduous vine is very easy to propagate. Divide and plant out. Isabella, although popularly classified as Vitis labrusca parentage of being, is almost Certainly a cross with an unknown Vitis vinifera, illustrated by the susceptibility to mildew and black rot. It is thought That it resulted from random pollination when the European Vitis vinifera grapes were Attempted to be established in America.

The skin of Isabella when ripened is a dark purple, almost black with a tender green-yellow flesh. It has large well formed fruit clusters with thick bloom. It is a slip skin variety, meaning That the skin separates easily from the fruit. The grapes are used to the make wine, and most Notably Uhudler Fragolino.

Heavily Isabella vines were imported into Europe in the early 19th century and it is said That it is probably That the Phylloxera was introduced into Europe on the roots of Isabella - Isabella having a resistance to the Phylloxera.

Isabella is no longer a commercially Important as it Produces grape wines due to its poor labrusca inheritance and new plantings were banned in France after 1934, however as a high yielding grape capable of withstanding tropical and semi-tropical conditions, it has been Planted in Portugal , Bali, Japan, and Various locations in the southern hemisphere Such as in Brazil, where it is a leading grape variety, in the U.S. it is sparsely found in New York State. 

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