Saturday, February 18, 2012

Inocarpus fagifer ( Buah Gayam )

Fruit Warehouse | Inocarpus fagifer ( Buah Gayam ) | Produced singly or in clusters, They weigh 50-110 g and are 46-130 mm long, 34-120 mm wide, and 40 mm thick. The smooth skin a fibrous shell covers the which holds the kernel. As the fruits ripen Their color changes from green to yellow or orange-brown. The mature fruits are usually indehiscent. The seed is white and kidney-shaped and is contained within the thin brown, fibrous shell. It is Relatively large, weighing 5-50 g, 20-70 mm long by 16-40 mm wide. The seed is toxic when raw but edible when cooked.

Inocarpus fagifer, commonly known as the Tahitian Chestnut, Polynesian Chestnut, Aila or Mape tree, is a species of Flowering plants in the subfamily of the legume family Faboideae, Fabaceae. The tree has a wide range in the Tropics of the south-west Pacific and south-east Asian regions, and a history of traditional use by the peoples of Polynesia and Melanesia. The tree starts bearing fruit at about eight years old.

It Grows in a wide range of Soils, Including Those That are highly calcareous and saline, poorly drained to waterlogged, or Those with medium to very low fertility, as well as in mildly acidic to very alkaline coastal Soils. The fleshy mesocarp is inedible for Humans, but the seed kernels serve as an Important indigenous food in many island countries in the Pacific.

Methods of preparation include roasting, grilling, boiling and baking. In Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji and Polynesia in the cooked kernels are mashed into a pudding Often. The main products are the edible kernels and the timber. Trees over 25 years old can Produce up to 75 kg of fruit a year.

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