Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dewandaru fruit

Fruit Warehouse | Dewandaru fruit | Dewandaru own leaf-shaped oval with a tapered tip and base. Leaves and fruit of this plant is used to treat diarrhea, rheumatism, antidiabetic and anti-cholesterol. Fruit and leaves dewandaru proven to prevent the emergence of cancer or a tumor. Red fruit dewandaru show that in it there is the content of certain compounds. From the research group of compounds known to contain carotenoids.


Eugenia uniflora plants Latin name of the tribe is derived from the Myrtaceae Brazil. A glimpse of his form like fruit ceremai, only bigger.  The exterior of the fruit there are bumps that allow people to differentiate with other fruit crops. Dewandaru plant itself can reach 5-7 meters with erect stems.

So also with the leaves dewandaru found useful as an antioxidant compounds called phenolic and. Carotenoids and phenolic efficacious as an antioxidant that works against the free radicals that enter the human body. The presence of free radicals cause cell damage and the base of the occurrence of irregularities in the pattern of cell division or cause tumors and cancer.

If you use dewandaru fruit, preferably in advance more juice or eaten immediately. Dewandaru ripe fruit contains a high lycopene. So also with the handling dewandaru leaves. Scientists find evidence of the content of phenolic compounds in leaf extracts are dried with hot sun much reduced compared to that dried in the air.

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