Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cocoa ( Theobroma cacao )


Fruit Warehouse | Cocoa ( Theobroma cacao ) | Cocoa flower, as other members of the Sterculiaceae, grew directly out of the trunk (cauliflorous). Perfect flowers are small (maximum diameter 3 cm), single, but appeared strung as they often arise from a number of flower buds point. Pollinated flowers ready within a few days. Cocoa in general are cross-pollinated plants and have the self-incompatibility system (see pollination). However, some varieties of cocoa can pollinate itself and produce commodities with a higher sale value.

The fruit grows from the pollinated flowers. Fruit size is much larger than the flowers, and rounded to elongated shape. Fruit color changes. If the outer skin of ripe fruit is usually yellow. Protected by a seed-coated seeds (aryl) soft white. In terms of agriculture called the pulp. Endospermia seeds contain fat with a high enough level.

Cocoa as a commodity trading is usually Divided into two major groups: noble cocoa ("edel cacao") and cocoa bulk ("bulk cacao"). Her own noble pollinated varieties and cocoa comes from the Criollo type. Most of the cocoa producing areas in Indonesia Produce bulk cocoa. Derived from bulk cocoa varieties are self-incompatible. Usually low quality bulk cocoa, although production is higher. Not the preferred taste, but usually the fat content

Cocoa beans are the main ingredients of making cocoa powder (chocolate), cocoa powder is an ingredient in manufacture cake, ice cream, snacks, milk, etc..

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