Monday, February 20, 2012

Cloudberry ( Rubus chamaemorus )

Fruit Warehouse | Cloudberry ( Rubus chamaemorus ) | English common names include cloudberry, bakeapple (in Atlantic Canada), Knotberry and Knoutberry (in England), Averin and Evron (in Scotland). Unlike most Rubus species, the cloudberry is dioecious, and fruit production by a female plant requires pollination from a male plant. The cloudberry Grows to 10-25 cm high. After pollination, the white (Sometimes reddish-tipped) flowers form raspberry-sized berries.

The Norwegian government, in cooperation with Finnish, Swedish and Scottish counterparts, has vigorously pursued the aim of enabling commercial production of Various wild berries (Norway imports 200-300 tonnes of cloudberries per year from Finland).

In Nordic countries Such as Lakkalikööri Traditionally liqueurs (a Finnish liqueur) are made of cloudberry. It has a strong taste and a high sugar content. Cloudberry has also served as a spice for akvavit. Dogfish Head Brewery has made an Arctic Cloudberry Imperial Wheat beer, the which was inspired by the cloudberry Lambic dubbed Soleil de Minuit made by Brasserie Cantillon for the Akkurat pub in Stockholm. BrewDog also makes a double IPA made with Cloudberries beer, called "My Name is Ingrid". Rodrigues Winery located in Newfoundland, Canada makes a cloudberry wine and a cloudberry liqueur from Newfoundland and Labrador grown berries. In Sweden, Grythyttans vin Produces a real fermented wine from cloudberries. A cloudberry liqueur is also made in the Northeastern Quebec region of Canada. Sparkling apple drink with cloudberry flavor the which contains 1.2% cloudberry aroma.

The RIPE fruits are golden-yellow, soft and juicy, and are rich in vitamin C. When eaten fresh, cloudberries have a distinctive tart taste. In Finland, the berries are eaten with "leipäjuusto" (a local cheese; the name translates to "bread-cheese"), and lots of cream and sugar. In Sweden, cloudberries or cloudberry hours, are used as a topping for ice cream, pancakes and waffles. In Norway, They are Often mixed with whipped cream and sugar to be served as a dessert called "multekrem" (Cloudberry cream), as a clock or even as an ingredient on home made ice cream. In Canada, cloudberries are used to flavor a special beer. Tea made from cloudberry leaves was used in ancient Scandinavian herbal medicine to cure urinary tract infections.

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