Sunday, February 19, 2012

Choke cherry ( Prunus virginiana )

Fruit Warehouse | Choke cherry ( Prunus virginiana ) | The berries are very RIPE dark in color and less astringent than the red berries. Prunus virginiana, commonly called chokecherry, bitter-berry, or cherry bird Virginia, is a species of bird cherry (Prunus subgenus Padus) native to North America, where it is found almost throughout the continent except for the Deep South and the far north.

Prunus virginiana is Sometimes Divided into two varieties, P. virginiana var. virginiana (the eastern chokecherry), and P. virginiana var. demissa (the western chokecherry). The chokecherry is closely related to the black cherry (Prunus serotina) of eastern North America; it is most readily distinguished from its smaller size by That (black cherry trees can reach 30 m tall), smaller leaves, and RIPE Sometimes red fruit. The chokecherry has a finely serrated leaf margins and is dark green above with a paler Underside, while the black cherry leaf has Numerous blunt edges along its margins and is dark green and smooth. The name chokecherry has also been used (as Amur chokecherry) for the related Manchurian Cherry or Amur cherry (Prunus maackii).

For many Native American tribes of the Northern Rockies, Northern Plains, and boreal forest regions of Canada and the United States, chokecherries were the most Important fruit in their diets. The inner bark of the chokecherry, as well as red osier dogwood, or alder, was also used by Native Americans in their smoking mixtures, known as kinnikinnick, to improv the taste of the bearberry leaf. The chokecherry fruit can be used to make a tasty hour, jelly, or syrup, but the bitter nature of the fruit sugar to sweeten requires the preserves. The leaves of the chokecherry serve as food for caterpillars of Various Lepidoptera.

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