Friday, February 17, 2012

Bouea macrophylla (Gandaria )

Fruit Warehouse | Bouea macrophylla  (Gandaria ) | The fruit (resembling a mango) are green in color and mature to an orange / yellow. The entire fruit, Including its single seed, is edible. Flowering and fruiting times differ for Thailand and Indonesia. The tree is native to Malaysia, West Java, Burma and North Sumatra.

Bouea macrophylla (Bouea macrophylla Griff) is a tropical fruit tree native to Southeast Asia. The evergreen tree Grows to height of 25 meters. Its leaves are lanceolate to elliptic in shape (see: Leaf shape), and range from 13 to 45 cm (5 to 17 inches) long and from 5 to 7 cm (2 to 3 inches) wide.

Both the leaves and fruit from the tree can be eaten. Fruit can be eaten raw, or made into pickle dishes Such as, compote, or sauce. The entire tree can be used as an ornamental shade tree bearing fruit due to its dense foliage.

Bouea macrophylla is commonly known in English as the marian plum, Gandaria, plum and mango. It is also known as ma-ma-yong and praang (Thailand), ramania and Gandaria (Indonesia), mayun-thee (Burma), and Kundang, rembunia, and Setar (Malaysia).

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