Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bolwarra ( Eupomatia laurina )

Fruit Warehouse | Bolwarra ( Eupomatia laurina ) | It is a primitive Flowering plant, usually growing as an understorey in rainforest or wet sclerophyll forest. Eupomatia laurina, Sometimes known as Bolwarra or Native Guava or Copper Laurel is a shrub to small tree, Often seen Between 3 and 5 meters tall.

Leaves are glossy, oblong-elliptic, from 7-12 cm long. The globose to urn-shaped edible fruit is yellow-green 15-20mm in diameter and bears from the branches and trunk.  The sweet, aromatic fruit is used as a spice, fruit in cooking, being included in beverages, jams and desserts.

In cultivation E. laurina is frost sensitive and Prefers a protected, semi-shaded site. It can be propagated from seed or cuttings. Cutting propagated Produce fruit trees after two years. There is also two other related species endemic to Australia, E. bennettii, or small bolwarra and E. barbata, or small northern bolwarra.

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