Sunday, February 19, 2012

Betel Nut ( Areca catechu )

Fruit Warehouse | Betel Nut ( Areca catechu ) | This palm tree is often mistakenly referred to as the fruit of betel, areca nut, often chewed together with betel leaves, leaves from the vine of the Piper family. Known in English as Betel palm or Betel nut tree, and Areca catechu is the scientific name.

Nut is a type of palm that grows in the Pacific, Asia and eastern Africa. Nut is also the name of the fruit trade. Areca catechu is the areca palm or areca palm, (Filipino: flowers, Malay: nut, Malayalam: അടക്ക adakka), a species of palm that grows in most of the tropical Pacific, Asia, and parts of eastern Africa.

Nut mainly grown for its seeds used, which in the Western world known as the betel nut. These seeds are known as one of the mixture of betel nut, gambier and lime addition. Nut seeds contain alkaloids such as arekaina (arecaine) and arekolina (arecoline), more or less toxic and addictive, can stimulate the brain. Meanwhile, several kinds of nut seeds creates a feeling of dizziness when chewed. Traditionally, areca nuts are used in potions to treat dysentery pain, bloody diarrhea, and scurvy.

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